We heard you loud and clear: you needed help navigating all of the Racism and Bias Initiative’s offerings. Due to the resounding feedback and requests from students, faculty, and staff, we are proud to introduce an infographic to help you navigate your way through the year’s programming. We hope that you use it as a quick reference to find out more about RBI and how you can get personally involved with the initiative. Here’s what you can expect to see:

Guiding Coalition

A diverse guiding coalition of faculty, staff, leadership, and students who represent all functional areas of the school (admissions, student resources, clinical, students, curricular affairs, and student affairs), oversee the six change targets, and make decisions about where energy and resources should be focused. Find out more about the Guiding Coalition and the Change Targets

Chats for Change

A series of monthly activities that spark conversations centered on racism and bias. Do you have a story to tell? How do you describe your intersecting identities? What’s happening in the news? Is anyone else noticing? Are we evolutionarily doomed to be racist? Afraid of being found out? Those are just a few of the questions we are attempting to answer. Check out the full schedule and RSVP today.

Team Learning Labs

A quarterly team-based learning opportunity for departments or units at ISMMS to develop individual and team knowledge of key concepts related to bias and racism, and to work as a team to apply tools and practices to day-to-day job functions.  Some of the key concepts include: working from a systems perspective, building a mindset of inclusion, moving from awareness to action (unconscious bias), bringing the bystander forward, engaging in transformative dialogue about race and racism. Find out more information.

Personal Learning Labs

Games, tools and resources to enhance your self-awareness as it relates to bias, race, racism and privilege. Have a few minutes to play Killing Me Softly, a game demonstrating how it feels to suffer microaggressions and acculturative stress day after day?  Check out the full list.

In the Know

A monthly lunch and learn session for those interested in learning about RBI. Become knowledgeable about what is changing and provide feedback. Check out the Chats for Change schedule and RSVP today.

Storytelling for Racial Justice

This project asks us to consider what we lose when stories of and by diverse groups are concealed or lost, and what we gain as a community when we listen to and learn from the multitude of stories available for our consideration. We invite you to share your story anonymously by answering a few questions. Share your story today.

Need help navigating the 2019 RBI program? Download this infographic.