We’re All In. Are You?

Change requires action. If we want to be a medical school that actively addresses racism and bias, we need to take action together. Let’s pledge our commitment to being “all in” together on this goal.

How Can I Be “All In”?

We are asking for your pledge of commitment to being Proactive, Open, Curious, Accountable, or Intentional to this process. The Racism and Bias Initiative is asking for your support. Select the pledge that moves you, and join us in our commitment for change. Each month, look out for tips and tricks to help you actualize your commitment. This year we’re looking for 200 pledges by September 30. Join today!


Stay Committed; Stay Connected.

All In

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What Do the Pledges of Commitment Mean?

Simply put, your pledge demonstrates your personal commitment to undoing racism and bias in medical education and beyond. You can pledge to:

Be Proactive— I pledge to actively participate in personal growth and awareness about race, racism, bias, power, and privilege.

Be Open—I pledge to be open and have hard conversations about racism and bias.

Be Curious—I pledge to be curious and explore ideas and opinions that are different from mine.

Be Accountable—I pledge to be accountable, and make addressing racism and bias a priority for me.

Be Intentional—I pledge to be intentional in order to address, disrupt, and deconstruct racism.