National Chats for Change

Following the spring 2020 Subway Summit Webinar Series session – Racism: American Medicine’s Fatal Flaw—we created the National Chats for Change sessions that are available to all in the medical education and health care communities.


We invite you to share these sessions widely with your colleagues and encourage them to join us in these national conversations. 

Chats for Change | National Edition Schedule

Fall/Winter 2023 Schedule

The world of anti-racism is full of contrasts: needing to fight vs. needing to rest; “making good trouble” vs. not making waves; promoting clear and explicit language vs. finding language that calls people in. There are many other examples and no simple answers. Our approaches must be tailored to the moment, the opportunity, the audience, and the inherent risks and benefits. How do we choose the right strategy, and is there such a thing as a ‘wrong strategy’ that might lead to dire consequences?

Join us for these dialogues as we try to find common ground in confronting systemic oppression. 

Special thanks to the National Chats for Change participants who submitted topics and inspired this series.  

Chats for Change | Fall/Winter 2023


September 2023

Silence vs. Speech

Does the popular saying “speech is silver but silence is golden” apply when dismantling racism and bias in medical education? In today’s world of overwhelming chatter and information overload, silence can be a toxic strategy that allows others to fill the void. How then should we determine when is the time to remain silent and when is the time to speak? Join us as we grapple with this question and explore what is at stake when our individual choices impact our work and learning environments

Facilitators: Ann-Gel Palermo, David Muller, MD & Leona Hess, PhD

Wednesday, September 6 at 12 pm EST  |  Join us on Zoom.

October 2023

Action vs. Rest

Being antiracist requires action, not simply denial of being racist. Is it true that the more anti-racism and DEI work we do, the more impact and worth we have? Can rest be a form of resistance and an anti-racist practice? Join us as we unpack these questions and explore ways to differentiate when it is time to move into action and when it is time to rest. 

Facilitators: Ann-Gel Palermo, David Muller, MD & Leona Hess, PhD

Wednesday, October 4 at 12 pm EST  |  Join us on Zoom.

November 2023

Provocative Language vs. Pleasing Language

Our mantra has long been ‘say what you mean and mean what you say’. And yet we know that there are terms (critical race theory; white supremacy culture; woke) that are triggering to the very people we want and need to influence. Do we strike a balance between language that may provoke and our colleagues’ right to comfort, or do we forge ahead, true to our principles? Join us as we explore these nuances and challenges.

Facilitators: Ann-Gel Palermo, David Muller, MD & Leona Hess, PhD

Wednesday, November 1 at 12 pm EST  |  Join us on Zoom.

December 2023

Calling In vs. Calling Out

Where is the line drawn between ‘calling in’ all potential allies, and compromising our values and beliefs? While we all recognize the importance of creating opportunities for civil dialogue and meaningful exchange of ideas, why does it often seem like only one ‘side’ is willing to bend in order to create a safe and brave space to exchange ideas and learn from each other? Join us as we discuss how far we’ll willing to go and how much we should be willing to sacrifice in order to allow all voices to be heard. 

Facilitators: Ann-Gel Palermo, David Muller, MD & Leona Hess, PhD

Wednesday, December 6 at 12 pm EST  |  Join us on Zoom.
Reflection Corner

How much time do we have before interest in, and tolerance of, anti-racism wanes?

Inspired by the African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”, this year’s theme will focus on cultivating a community of practice.

In 2023, let’s engage in collective problem-solving. Let’s seek shared experiences and learn from each other. Let’s break out of our silos and exchange information. Let’s discuss new developments and celebrate our wins. Let’s grow our confidence and ability to do this work together.

Based on recurring topics many of you have shared, we are launching two new Chats for Change series and a Ten Tools for Transformational Change Workshop series.

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