In June, the Department of Medical Education created a Wellness Subcommittee to assist in launching the Department of Medical Education Wellness Program.

A department-wide invitation to form the Subcommittee was enthusiastically accepted by 20 individuals from various divisions and roles. There is representation from all divisions of the Department of Medical Education. Together, this group is working to identify the activities, resources, and environmental changes needed to promote wellness within the Department, with the ultimate aim of designing a Wellness Program specifically for faculty and staff in the Department of Medical Education.

Beginning with discussion and visual mapping of the factors which impact our wellness, the next step for the group is to design and deploy a Wellness Program Needs Assessment to gather ideas and input from the entire department.

The Wellness Subcommittee looks forward to linking wellness initiatives that are emerging across the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, for faculty, staff, students and trainees throughout the institution.
In shifting our institutional culture to include self-care, we create an environment of well-being that supports not only our own employees, but also provides healthy role-modeling for our trainees and medical students.