In the Spotlight: Bee Jaworski

What do you think you can contribute to the LCME process?

Given the amount of curricular materials and information encompassed under the Education Program Subcommittee’s standards and work, I hope to contribute both my organizational skills and ideas, and any knowledge I have regarding curricular support.

What are some of the ways you think the LCME process impacts your day to day work?

One of the coolest things I notice about the LCME process is the amount of information and data shared during the self-study process, which has helped me better understand both our curriculum and the curricular map. Working on questions pertaining to our curriculum has illuminated parts of the curricular “map” for me, in that I am able to learn more about aspects that I typically have little interaction with. For example, I have read information about or participated in discussions regarding some of the Year 2 courses, ASM (Art and Science of Medicine), and the clinical curriculum. Knowing more about the curriculum as a whole helps me better understand and appreciate the work of my fellow OCS (Office of Curricular Services) team members.

The data collection involved in the LCME process also helps me understand the origins behind—and the drivers of change in—our policies and curriculum. It is pretty cool to hear about where the curriculum has been previously, how it has evolved and changed based on student feedback and data, and to consider how it may be changing in the future in light of new data and research. Being able to appreciate the thought and attentiveness that goes into our current curriculum is inspiring in my daily work.

Bee Jaworski

Year 1 Course Coordinator

LCME Role: Key Staff Member, Educational Program for MD Degree Subcommittee

What is your favorite vacation destination?

My favorite thing to do on vacation is travel and see new places, so I don’t have a favorite per say – however, I previously studied abroad in China and am excited to visit again in the future!

LCME October Update

LCME October Update

Updates on the LCME Process

Happy Fall! September was a busy month for the LCME Subcommittees.  Each subcommittee has been meeting to divide the workload and begin drafting  responses to the self-study summary report questions. The teamwork has been very impressive across the board!

The Co-chairs and Key Staff met with Dr. Muller to discuss best practices and challenges and will meet again in December.  The LCME Task Force had their first meeting chaired by Dr. Muller with Michelle Sainté as the Key Staff person. The Task Force will be responsible for summarizing the Subcommittee reports and preparing the Self-Study Report that will be submitted to the LCME.

In the coming months, Dr. Muller and the Medical Education Leadership Team will meet with each class to discuss student feedback  from a variety of sources including the 2018 AAMC Graduation Questionnaire. Stay tuned!

Challenge Accepted and Aced

In last month’s newsletter, we challenged you to test your skills and knowledge about the LCME process. We are happy to announce the six winners from the ISMMS community who aced the quiz (and won an ISMMS sweatshirt): Marley Akonnor, MéLisa Best, Bee Jaworski, Joann Moser, Janine Pessah, and Charles Sanky. Congratulations!

Congratulate the winners from left to right: Joann Moser, MS IV; Charles Sanky, MS III; Marley Akonnor, Evaluation and Assessment Coordinator; MéLisa Best, Communications and Marketing Associate; Bee Jaworski, Year One Course Coordinator; and Janine Pessah, Clinical Curriculum Program Coordinator.

Might We Also Announce

Congratulations to the Faculty Subcommittee for answering the first LCME Self-Study Question out of all the subcommittees! You’ll be rewarded for your efforts in your November subcommittee meeting!

In the Spotlight: Staci Leisman, MD

Last month we debuted a new feature on Change Now: “In the Spotlight” where we feature a new member of the Change Now process. Check out Dr. Staci Leisman’s interview on the blog and see how her role impacts the LCME process.

In the Spotlight: Staci Leisman

What do you think you can contribute to the LCME process?

As a course and clerkship director, I have hands-on knowledge of the curriculum across all 4 years.  I hear regularly from students about what content and learning modalities they find helpful and informative, and can bring that feedback to our own meetings.  I can also provide the perspective of an educator who is immersed in the ISMMS curriculum.

What are some of the ways you think the LCME process impacts your day to day work?

The LCME process helps me grow and learn as an educator by compelling me to take a deep dive into my own curricula and examine what is working and what could be improved.  Of course, I try to do this yearly, but the LCME process makes that assessment more formalized and rigorous.  It helps me to innovate and apply best practices into my own courses and allows me to hear from and learn from a diverse group of stakeholders.

What is your favorite vacation destination?

This is a tough one!  I love vacations where I can explore and be active — no sitting on a beach.  And I definitely prefer to go to new places and see new things.  This summer we are going to Yellowstone — our first big family vacation — and will be hiking, white water rafting, zip-lining and horseback riding.  I’m making an early prediction that this will be my favorite.

Staci Leisman, MD

Course Director for Intro to Internship and Physiology; Associate Professor of Medical Education and Nephrology

LCME Role: Faculty Subcommittee Member


LCME September Updates

LCME September Updates

Town Hall Follow-Up

Thank you to those who were able to attend the LCME Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, September 4. We hope you now have a greater understanding of LCME accreditation and your role in the process. For those who were unable to attend, we will post the presentation slides right here on Change Now, so stay tuned! If you have any questions, please email the LCME Accreditation Committee at

LCME on the Brain?

Do you think you know everything about the LCME accreditation process?  Test your knowledge by taking our LCME quiz and you’ll be entered into a raffle.  Four lucky winners will receive a voucher to pick out their favorite sweatshirt from the Posman Bookstore.

Fill out the quiz by October 11 to be eligible to win!

In the Spotlight—A New Feature on Change Now

Earlier in the month, we debuted an “In the Spotlight” feature for LCME Subcommittee members. Our first spotlight of the month was Rachel Pinotti, MLIS, AHIP. Rachel shared her role on the LCME Subcommittee and a sliver into her personal life, as well! Catch up on the blog and get to know Rachel!

And the Outstanding Attendance Award Goes to…

Congratulations to the Medical Student Life Cycle Subcommittee for their high September meeting attendance. The team was awarded with a lunch catered by Oh My Green.

In the Spotlight: Rachel Pinotti

The LCME Self-Study Subcommittees are a critical component of our School’s accreditation initiative. Participation on a subcommittee requires a large time commitment and a willingness to learn about and assess every facet of the School. We are so proud of the work that the subcommittees have done already and very much appreciate their steadfast commitment to the process.

Each month, we will spotlight one of the many subcommittee members who are contributing to the success of this process. This month’s spotlight is Rachel Pinotti.

Rachel Pinotti, MLIS, AHIP

Assistant Library Director, Education and Resources

LCME Role: Faculty Subcommittee Member

What are some of the ways you think the LCME process impacts your day to day work?

This is my first experience participating in the LCME accreditation process and I was interested to see what information the LCME asks on the Data Collection Instrument (DCI) pertaining to library services.  The DCI states, “A medical school provides ready access to well-maintained library resources sufficient in breadth of holdings and technology to support its educational and other missions. Library services are supervised by a professional staff that is familiar with regional and national information resources and data systems and is responsive to the needs of the medical students, faculty members, and others associated with the institution.”  This is the work my colleagues and I are doing day in and day out in the library—ensuring access to a high quality collection curated to meet the needs of the ISMMS community and offering services to ensure our users are able to make meaningful use of these resources.  While I always find my work gratifying, it adds an extra sense of purpose to know that the LCME sees our work as an essential part of a high quality medical education.

I was also excited to learn that ISMMS students scored Levy Library slightly higher than the national average for library services on the Graduation Questionnaire (GQ).  We always try to go above and beyond for our students, so it’s nice to know that they notice and appreciate what we do.

What do you think you can contribute to the LCME process?

Time, attention, and thoughtfulness.

What is your favorite vacation destination?

Italy!  I fell in love with Italy during a semester abroad in college and the love affair has continued ever since.  Perhaps not coincidentally, I married a first generation Italian-American and we try to go back as often as possible to visit our family and friends there.  Our son just turned one and we took him for the first time this summer, which was really special.  If you’ve never been, I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Everyone needs a little dolce vita in their life.