Updates on the LCME Process

Happy Fall! September was a busy month for the LCME Subcommittees.  Each subcommittee has been meeting to divide the workload and begin drafting  responses to the self-study summary report questions. The teamwork has been very impressive across the board!

The Co-chairs and Key Staff met with Dr. Muller to discuss best practices and challenges and will meet again in December.  The LCME Task Force had their first meeting chaired by Dr. Muller with Michelle Sainté as the Key Staff person. The Task Force will be responsible for summarizing the Subcommittee reports and preparing the Self-Study Report that will be submitted to the LCME.

In the coming months, Dr. Muller and the Medical Education Leadership Team will meet with each class to discuss student feedback  from a variety of sources including the 2018 AAMC Graduation Questionnaire. Stay tuned!

Challenge Accepted and Aced

In last month’s newsletter, we challenged you to test your skills and knowledge about the LCME process. We are happy to announce the six winners from the ISMMS community who aced the quiz (and won an ISMMS sweatshirt): Marley Akonnor, MéLisa Best, Bee Jaworski, Joann Moser, Janine Pessah, and Charles Sanky. Congratulations!

Congratulate the winners from left to right: Joann Moser, MS IV; Charles Sanky, MS III; Marley Akonnor, Evaluation and Assessment Coordinator; MéLisa Best, Communications and Marketing Associate; Bee Jaworski, Year One Course Coordinator; and Janine Pessah, Clinical Curriculum Program Coordinator.

Might We Also Announce

Congratulations to the Faculty Subcommittee for answering the first LCME Self-Study Question out of all the subcommittees! You’ll be rewarded for your efforts in your November subcommittee meeting!

In the Spotlight: Staci Leisman, MD

Last month we debuted a new feature on Change Now: “In the Spotlight” where we feature a new member of the Change Now process. Check out Dr. Staci Leisman’s interview on the blog and see how her role impacts the LCME process.