Content Committee – The Work Begins

After a call out to the Sinai community and over 150 faculty, staff and students applied to work on one of three working groups focused on the three phases of the new curriculum as determined by the Framework Committee:

          1. Pre-Clerkship
          2. Clerkship
          3. Post-Clerkship

The overwhelming interest in participating in the Content Committee is great to see.  Unfortunately not all volunteers can be part of the working groups.  Those that are not able to participate in this round will be top of the list for the next round of committee call outs in a few months.

The Content Committee working groups begin in April with a review of the Framework Committee outcomes, other medical school curriculum maps, and journals.

The Four Outcomes of the Framework Committee

The Curriculum Redesign Initiative is moving forward into the next phase of work. In recent months the Framework Committee has been working hard to come up with the overall structure of the new curriculum, specifically creating the structural framework, determining program objectives, and defining the curricular phases of the new MD curriculum.  

In February 2022, the Framework Committee voted on the following outcomes to guide the next phase of content development: 

A set of principles to guide all members in the various redesign committees in their work toward a redesigned ISMMS curriculum. 

Reviews of leading academic institutions led to the redesign to a one-pass, triphasic curricular framework with an 18-12-18 month initial template. 

Creation of new MEPOs and alignment of competency framework with Physician Competency Reference Set (PCRS). Includes determination of intra- and interphasic assessment of MEPOs. 

Proposed features of the 3 phases including curricular thread within and throughout the phases. 

As of February 2022, the Framework Committee has concluded its work and handed off the above outcomes to the three working groups of the Content Committee. Content Committee work will begin April 2022.  

Interested in Curriculum Re-Envisioning?

Interested in Curriculum Re-Envisioning?

We are well underway into the second stage of our committee development.  We are recruiting for the Content Committee which will be comprised of three working groups:

  1. Pre-Clerkship Working Group
  2. Clerkship Working Group
  3. Post-Clerkship Working Group

The charge for each working group will be to:

  • Review the current curricular content of the traditional Year 1 and Year 2 curricular years at ISMMS
  • Develop the overall curricular content map for the phase with a focus on curricular integration
  • Identify major instructional and assessment methodologies that will be consistently applied throughout the phase
  • Identify potential challenges and threats including required resources
  • Determine the content block, intersession and/or transition courses and their corresponding goals and desired competencies for students
  • Determine the curricular threads within the phase and their integration with other phases
  • Determine the specific time points within each content block, intersession and/or transition courses and as a phase as a whole for learner assessment
  • Determine specific time points within each content block, intersession and/or transition courses and as a phase as a whole for student support
  • Determine the resources required to optimally achieve the curricular phase goals

We’re looking for faculty, staff, and students to join.   Time committment includes two two-hour meetings a month and pre- and post- meeting work.

If you are interested please fill out the application below!

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