Today, the Department of Medical Education submitted a cohesive 600-page document—the Survey Package—to the LCME. The LCME (Liaison Committee on Medical Education) is the accrediting body for medical schools nationwide, and 2019 is our year to undergo the accreditation process. The first official step in the process was to do an in-depth self-study by collecting data on all aspects of our school, from the curriculum, down to whether there is locker space for students at Mount Sinai West. In mid-April we completed that process, and since then until 4:57 pm today, we have been writing, collating, organizing, and analyzing. The culmination of all that work was the Survey Package, which includes:

  • Graduation Questionnaire (GQ)—Highlights the School’s trends against national data
  • Independent Student Survey—Student-generated survey that analyzes multiple facets of the School and offers recommendations
  • Data Collection Instrument and Appendix—Addresses the LCME’s questions based on standards and elements that pertain to policies, procedures, and organizational structures
  • Self-Study Report—Thirty-five page narrative that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the School and offers recommendations for future action
What’s Next?

Beginning next week, the LCME OPS team will host 24 boot camp sessions with targeted stakeholders to prepare for the upcoming site visit slated for October 2019.

How Can You Support the Process?

Stay Informed—Learn and understand how your work and role may be impacted by changes to policies and processes

Stay Connected—Read the Accreditation newsletters and emails, visit Change Now, ask questions, share information with colleagues, and encourage them to do the same

Get Involved—Schedule time for the LCME Site Visit; ask LCME OPS how you can get involved

Be Reflective—Provide feedback to the LCME OPS team to enhance operations and communications

How Can We Gauge Where We Are in the Process?

Here are a few resources you can review:

  1. Check out the Lunch and Learn session led by Dr. Muller
  2. Revisit the LCME timeline