Racism & Bias

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The role of racism and bias in medicine and medical education has undoubtedly contributed to development and perpetuation of inequities in health care outcomes for historically marginalized patient population groups.  As a result of ISMMS medical student activism and advocacy aimed at having our medical school recognize the historical underpinnings of racism and bias in medicine and in our medical trainingwe launched the Racism and Bias Initiative in 2015. The spirit of the Racism and Bias initiative is to explicitly address and undo racism and bias in all areas of medical school and center racial justice, health equity, and underrepresented voices and experiences of our medical education colleagues.

The Racism and Bias Initiative is driven by a change management methodology that guides how we engage, prepare, equip, and support individuals and ISMMS to successfully adopt transformational change towards our future state of providing healthcare and education that is free of racism and bias. With a commitment to make the work of this Initiative transparent and accessible, we have created this page to chronicle our efforts to date and the products and resources generated from our work thus far.