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Following this spring’s Subway Summit Webinar Series session titled, Racism: American Medicine’s Fatal Flawwe created Chats for Change sessions that were available to all in the medical education and health care communities—like the ones listed below.

We invite you to share these sessions widely with your colleagues to join us in these national conversations. 

December 2021

The Invention of Whiteness

Whiteness is a socially significant structure that constricts life chances, opportunities, and privilege in American society. Join us as we explore the creation and significance of whiteness and its connection to the persistence of racism in American society, If we are to understand the forces at work in our country today, we must understand the forces that shape us.

Wednesday, December 1 | 12-1 pm EST | Join us on Zoom.  


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Spring 2022

How much time do we have before interest in, and tolerance of, anti-racism wanes?

To be honest, we’re already seeing disengagement. People are either exhausted, unsure of the next steps, or unable to sustain the work for other reasons. And every day there are more and more voices trying to drown out this important work. What will it take for us to sustain systemic change within our institutions and across medical education during one of the most contentious and divided times in modern history? All we know is we can’t answer this question alone, in our silos. It’s time to lean into each other, more than ever.

Join us this coming year as we grapple with turning this moment into a movement. Throughout the year we will host monthly Chats for Change that challenge us to question what is, and dialogue about what could be. In the new year we will collectively imagine transforming medicine into a profession that is anti-racist. What will it look like or feel like? What are the relationships, behaviors, actions, and activities that we would like to see? What is the “big picture” of where we are headed?

Words Matter.

Starting in February we will kick off the Say What You Mean; Mean What You Say series by focusing on language. Over the past year we have used and heard the terms Critical Race Theory, antiracism, and white supremacy culture. It’s time we come together to deconstruct how they are used, misused and abused. If we are going to build a movement we need to be clear about what we are saying and declaring.

Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble.” —John Lewis, November 2018

National Chats for Change | Spring 2022 Schedule

January 2022

Dreaming into an Antiracist Medical Education Movement

Imagine redesigning medical education so that it is centered on learners, educators, staff, and patients most impacted by multiple and intersecting structures of oppression. Join us as we dream of transforming medicine into a profession that is anti-racist.

Wednesday, January 5 | 12-1 pm EST | Join us on Zoom.  


February 2022

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say: Anti-Racism

Anti-racism has become the popular catch-phrase describing who we in medical education think we are and what we aspire to do. It has been defined and redefined by many experts in the field, with language that is not always aligned and sometimes appears to be contradictory. Can we have a conversation about what we want it to mean when we think about the life cycle of the students we recruit, teach, support, and advise? What does anti-racism mean in all these contexts? What are we actually “anti”?

Wednesday, February 2 | 12-1 pm EST | Join us on Zoom.  


March 2022

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say: Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory has become the political and social third rail of anti-racism efforts, but do we actually know what it means; what its origins are; how it impacts our personal and professional lives; and why it is so triggering for so many white people? Join us as we explore the intersection of CRT with individual, institutional, and national efforts to undermine anti-racism.

Wednesday, March 2 | 12-1 pm EST | Join us on Zoom.  


April 2022

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say: White Supremacy Culture

White Supremacy Culture is the forbidden fruit. Take a bite and it will give you more knowledge and power than those who are hoarding that power are willing to share. This is the term that will stop all medical education conversations dead in their tracks. Let’s explore why that is so, and whether there are ways we can help our colleagues and leaders embrace this concept, without feeding too much into their fragility and right to comfort.

Wednesday, April 6 | 12-1 pm EST | Join us on Zoom.  


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