Chats for Change | National Edition

Following this spring’s Subway Summit Webinar Series session titled, Racism: American Medicine’s Fatal Flawwe created Chats for Change sessions that were available to all in the medical education and health care communities—like the ones listed below.

We invite you to share these sessions widely with your colleagues to join us in these national conversations on racism, privilege, and equity. 

This spring/summer, we are launching a new Chats for Change series that is all about action. During each session we will introduce at least one helpful tool that can be used to disrupt racism and/or create new structures and mental models that are anti-racist or anti-oppressive. 

Join us as we engage in dialogue to build our capacity to utilize these tools and brainstorm ways we can continue developing new approaches in our work and learning environments. The goal is by the end of the summer to have a variety of tools in your toolbox for the 2021-22 academic year. 


Below is the fall 2021 National Chats for Change schedule. Join us.

October 2021

Managing Resistance to Change | Part II

Since resistance to change is normal and expected, how can we go about minimizing, eliminating, or even preventing resistance encountered in our anti-racism work? Join us for part 2 of the series to learn about the five tips for managing resistance in our learning and work environment. We encourage you to attend part 1 of this series to learn about why resistance happens and what it looks like.

Wednesday, October 6 | 12-1 pm EST | Join us on Zoom.  


November 2021

Leadership and Race

Leadership and Race explores the ways in which our current thinking about leadership often contributes to producing and maintaining realized dynamics and a White Dominant/Supremacy Culture. Join us to explore the core competencies associated with racial justice leadership.

Wednesday, November 3 | 12-1 pm EST | Join us on Zoom.  


December 2021

The Invention of Whiteness

Whiteness is a socially significant structure that constricts life chances, opportunities, and privilege in American society. Join us as we explore the creation and significance of whiteness and its connection to the persistence of racism in American society, If we are to understand the forces at work in our country today, we must understand the forces that shape us.

Wednesday, December 1 | 12-1 pm EST | Join us on Zoom.  


These Chats for Change sessions will not be recorded.
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