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Below is a schedule of events for the Chats for Change program. Please join us for these sessions.

Schedule of Events

April 2020

Navigating Biased Patient Behavior—What Next? 

What do you do when a patient degrades or refuses care from you because of social identities? Join us to learn about communication strategies, appropriate behaviors, and how these matters are addressed at Mount Sinai.

Tuesday, April 14 | 12-1 pm |  Join Us on Zoom.  

Thursday, April 30 | 4-5 pm | Join Us on Zoom.  

NEW* : Racism in the Time of COVID-19

COVID-19 is not an excuse to be racist. Join the APAMSA, ODI and RBI in a dialogue to unpack the anti-Chinese and anti-Asian scapegoating and xenophobic reactions, including fear, exclusion, microaggressions, and other racist behaviors related to this public health pandemic and brainstorm ways to support Asian American communities.

Friday, April 10 | 12-1 pm | Join Us on Zoom.  

NEW: Developing an Anti-Racist Crisis Response

How can we develop strategies, actions, and practices that challenge and counter racism, inequalities, prejudices, and discrimination based on race during this public health crisis? Join us to brainstorm recommendations for students, staff, leadership and faculty to adopt an anti-racist crisis response.

Tuesday, April 21 | 1-2 pm | Join Us on Zoom.  

In the News**

Whatcha ‘ya hearing and reading about COVID-19 and marginalized communities? The media is a powerful socialization tool that creates unspoken attitudes, beliefs, and narratives through messages and images. We often do not stop, reflect, and analyze how this tool creates internalized oppression and perpetuates racism and bias. Join us for an intentional dialogue to reflect and analyze the depiction of marginalized communities in the time of COVID-19 as it unfolds before our eyes.

Friday, April 24 | 12-1 pm | Join Us on Zoom.  


*”NEW” content was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and will accompany April’s regularly scheduled programming.
*”In the News” is part of a monthly series that will return beginning in April.


May 2020

Stay tuned for more information about May 2020’s programming.


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