Chats for Change

Activities that spark conversations.

Below is a schedule of events for the Chats for Change program. Please join us for these sessions.

Schedule of Events

February 2020


The Case for Reparations | Reading Club

Join us as we explore the story of Clyde Ross from Ta-Nehisi Coates’ The Atlantic article “The Case for Reparations.” We encourage you to read and download the excerpt in advance of the session.

Tuesday, February 4 • 1–2 pm • Annenberg Room: 5-212
Thursday, February 27 • 4–5 pm • Annenberg Room: 12-17

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March 2020

Deconstructing Internalized Racism and White Privilege at Work and School | Interactive Chats

Academic and professional environments nurture a learned sense of white superiority and racist inferiority. Join us to discuss the ways internalized racism and white privilege manifest in our professional environments, and what we can do about it.

                                        Thursday, March 12 • 3–4 pm • Annenberg Room: 5-212
                                         Tuesday, March 24 • 12:30–1:30 pm • Annenberg Room: 5-212

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April 2020

Navigating Biased Patient Behavior—What Next? | Interactive Chats

What do you do when a patient degrades or refuses care from you because of social identities? Join us to learn about communication strategies, appropriate behaviors, and how these matters are addressed at Mount Sinai.

Tuesday, April 14 • 12–1 pm • Annenberg Room: 5-212
                                        Thursday, April 30 • 4–5 pm • Center for Innovation and Discovery

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May 2020

Mental Wellness and Anti-Racist Burnout: Supporting Folks Doing ‘The Work’ | Interactive Chats

An hour set aside for discussing and looking after our individual and collective well-being.

Tuesday, May 12 • 1–2 pm • Annenberg Room: 5-212
Thursday, May 28 • 4–5 pm • Center for Innovation and Discovery

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Have questions about these sessions? Email the Guiding Coalition representatives.