Wellness_Change Now IconsOur goal at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) is to create a learning environment that recognizes, values, and rewards wellness activities and efforts to enhance them. We stress the importance of taking the best possible care of our patients and believe this cannot be achieved without learning how to take care of ourselves, each other, and the entire ISMMS community. We will use this space to share our efforts to align the culture of academic medicine at ISMMS with a holistic approach to learning, training, and the practice of medicine, and hope to create a more meaningful dialogue about these issues.

Wellness—Now and For All

In June, the Department of Medical Education created a Wellness Subcommittee to assist in launching the Department of Medical Education Wellness Program. A department-wide invitation to form the Subcommittee was enthusiastically accepted by 20 individuals from various...

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Update on the Wellness Task Force

Earlier this week the Dean’s Task Force on the Learning Environment met so that each of the three working groups could provide an update on progress they’ve made to date. We want to acknowledge the enormous investment of time and energy that all members of these...

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Wellness Task Force in Full Effect

On Friday, October 7, we held the first meeting of the Dean’s Task Force on the Learning Environment: Enhancing Well-Being and Changing Culture. The task force will address three important topics: mental health, well-being, and academic culture change at the Icahn...

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Introducing a Task Force on Wellness

This past year, our community has experienced a number of tragedies that have led us to reflect on the adequacy of well-being resources and mental health support for our trainees. We are forming a Dean’s Task Force to address these issues and have attached the Task...

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