As you know, the Department of Medical Education has launched several initiatives over the past year to raise awareness around issues of bias and racism in our learning environment. One of these initiatives, as suggested by the Anti-Racism Coalition, was to have expert consultants interview educators, administrators, staff and students, to provide us with perspective and help us guide our thinking about the next steps.  The consultants,  Marc Nivet, Chief Diversity Officer, AAMC; Renee Navarro, MD, Vice Chancellor, Diversity and Outreach, UCSF; and Fernando Mendoza, MD, Associate Dean of Minority Advising and Programs, Stanford, provided their recommendations in a detailed report which we encourage you to read.

Update 5/25/16 4 pm – One commentator mentioned that they do not see Appendix 1 as described on page five of the report.  We reached out to the consultants to ask them for the appendix. 

Next Steps

The leadership in Medical Education and CMCA will be taking stock of our consultants’ recommendations.  Next month we will start the first in a series of steps to create a broad action plan to address bias and combat racism in our structures, classrooms, and clinical environments. Our first step will include a retreat as a leadership team to foster community building, enhanced communication, and introspection. We will include students and faculty for input and will continue to update the ISMMS community on our progress.

Submit Your Suggestions

After looking over the consultant’s report we ask that you consider submitting anonymous suggestions about what you hope the action plan will look like and what it will achieve.

We appreciate your input and are dedicated to advancing this essential initiative.

Shashi Anand
Gary Butts
Peter Gliatto
Reena Karani
David Muller
Ann-Gel Palermo
Valerie Parkas
Michelle Sainté