What are some of the ways you think the LCME process impacts your day to day work?

From creating an expectation for the way our school should operate, to balancing the delicate yet vast responsibilities of a hospital, Sinai has countless people to serve, and a million different responsibilities. Using LCME guidelines helps ensure consistency across not only our medical school but also across the many, many medical schools throughout the country. Ultimately, the goal is to create the best doctors possible, and consistency is a vital component of those who are considered the best. The environment cultivated by the LCME process will determine how we carry out our work each day.

What do you think you can contribute to the LCME process?

As a student, I have the opportunity to interact with the medical school in a unique way. I enjoy thinking about the impact of administrators and teachers on our daily lives, and appreciate Sinai’s willingness to hear student feedback and make positive change based on our opinions. The LCME process has provided the perfect space to share my thoughts and reflections. Living the Sinai experience means that I also get the opportunity to take some of the ideas students have during conversations within ourselves, and transmit them to those in charge…the “adults,” if you will.

Harinee Maiyuran

Medical Student, Class of 2020 

LCME Role: Educational Program for MD Degree Subcommittee

What is your favorite vacation destination

My favorite vacation destination is home, Southern California. The ability to go to the beach, the city, and the mountains in a single day is a special one, and I love that I get to call such a place home. The impact of the outdoors on my mental health and sanity cannot be understated.