What do you think you can contribute to the LCME process?

Given the amount of curricular materials and information encompassed under the Education Program Subcommittee’s standards and work, I hope to contribute both my organizational skills and ideas, and any knowledge I have regarding curricular support.

What are some of the ways you think the LCME process impacts your day to day work?

One of the coolest things I notice about the LCME process is the amount of information and data shared during the self-study process, which has helped me better understand both our curriculum and the curricular map. Working on questions pertaining to our curriculum has illuminated parts of the curricular “map” for me, in that I am able to learn more about aspects that I typically have little interaction with. For example, I have read information about or participated in discussions regarding some of the Year 2 courses, ASM (Art and Science of Medicine), and the clinical curriculum. Knowing more about the curriculum as a whole helps me better understand and appreciate the work of my fellow OCS (Office of Curricular Services) team members.

The data collection involved in the LCME process also helps me understand the origins behind—and the drivers of change in—our policies and curriculum. It is pretty cool to hear about where the curriculum has been previously, how it has evolved and changed based on student feedback and data, and to consider how it may be changing in the future in light of new data and research. Being able to appreciate the thought and attentiveness that goes into our current curriculum is inspiring in my daily work.

Bee Jaworski

Year 1 Course Coordinator

LCME Role: Key Staff Member, Educational Program for MD Degree Subcommittee

What is your favorite vacation destination?

My favorite thing to do on vacation is travel and see new places, so I don’t have a favorite per say – however, I previously studied abroad in China and am excited to visit again in the future!