Since the initiative’s launch in 2015, we have undertaken several RBI activities and endeavors that have primarily addressed recommendations related to racism and bias content in curricular and student affairs, admissions, and in other functional areas of the school. Starting in March 2018, we are excited to broaden our strategy to include more of the people and process side of change, as we move towards our vision of providing healthcare and education that is free of racism and bias.

Since the Initiative’s launch, we have undertaken several activities and endeavors in several areas including Curricular Affairs, Student Affairs, Admissions, and Enrollment Services, to name a few. To date, many of our actions were in response to the recommendations which were largely focused on the content of change—reviewed course materials, hosted talks, required faculty development sessions, published a paper, established councils, and more. Check out this blog post for a comprehensive list.


Starting in March, we are excited to build on our activities and endeavors by engaging and enabling Med Ed to further envision, transform, and integrate change in our teaching and learning environments. Stay tuned for details about how to get involved.


In March we will also launch our structured process and change management methodology to actualize our transformational change towards our future state of providing healthcare and education that is free of racism and bias. Look out for communications going out in early March.