Each Guiding Coalition Sphere is in the process of developing a comprehensive, strategic plan for 2021 that incorporates all activities that contribute to the vision of becoming a health system and health professions school free of racism and bias. This year our aim is to integrate all efforts into one comprehensive plan so that we can work more collaboratively and begin to examine our collective impact. 

The 2021 plan will include:

Change Targets

Change Targets will be...

A concise (one sentence) goal, desired outcome, or end result. Each of the spheres will reevaluate their existing change target and add additional change targets based on the new scope of work (e.g., SNMA actions). The proposed change targets will focus on 1 to 2 year time periods. 

SMART Objectives

Smart objectives are...
  • Specific: includes the “who,” “what,” and “where.” 
  • Measurable: focuses on “how much” change is expected
  • Achievable: realistic given resources and planned implementation
  • Relevant: relates directly to change target
  • Time-bound: focuses on “when” the objective will be achieved


Accountability means...

Each sphere will utilize a tool to establish a clear accountability structure to: (1) quickly clarify accountability for the 2021 plan; (2) clarify specific roles for everyone involved in working towards change targets; (3) create a shared language for assigning and tracking accountability; (4) enhance Med Ed’s efficiency; and (5) deepen trust by improving follow-through.  

  •   DARCI Accountability Grid:
    • DECIDER/DELEGATOR: Holds the ultimate power re. the 2021 Plan. Power can be retained as the right of final approval/veto, or delegated to the A. The D in this case is the Guiding Coalition.
    • ACCOUNTABLE: The single person fully accountable for the change target. The A must be given sufficient decision-making power and room to learn/adjust commensurate with accountability. 
    • RESPONSIBLE: Those responsible for doing the work on the project. There may be a number of R’s on a project. R’s are responsible for dealing with roadblocks, raising questions, etc. – not just being “good soldiers.”
    • CONSULTED: Those from whom input will be solicited. 
    • INFORMED: Those to be kept apprised of relevant developments. This is an FYI role.

Success Measures

Success measures means...

For each of the Change Targets there will be metrics that will measure the success of our efforts towards our vision. To identify these metrics, we are examining the characteristics of “significant” system change that provide powerful signals that the system has changed. Here are a few key features that will inform our success measures:

  • The depth of the change in terms of:
    • Disruption of existing system patterns
    • Networks of connections within the system that shape how we interact 
    • Norms influencing the behavior of those who are in the system 
  • The strength of the change in terms of:
    • The scale at which the change has taken place 
    • The level of “buy-in” to the change 
    • The relevance of the change in how strongly it influences the way the system achieves (or not) the change target outcome

Timeline for the 2021 Comprehensive Plan

February 12

Sphere comprehensive 2021 plans are due.

February 22

Spheres present plan to the guiding coalition and obtain feedback.

February 24

 Incorporate feedback and finalize 2021 plan.

March 1

Share the final plan in the RBI’s monthly action updates newsletter and post on Change Now.

June 14

The first quarterly review will happen in June where the guiding coalition will review its work towards the 2021 plans and assess progress. A participatory decision-making structure will be implemented during this meeting to address differences in positional power,  better integrate our efforts, and promote collective impact.