Wellness—Now and For All

In June, the Department of Medical Education created a Wellness Subcommittee to assist in launching the Department of Medical Education Wellness Program. A department-wide invitation to form the Subcommittee was enthusiastically accepted by 20 individuals from various... read more

A Sanctuary Campus

The Mount Sinai Health System, which includes the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) and seven hospital campuses, is a safe haven where patients, students, and employees are free to receive care, learn, and work without fear of discrimination, harassment... read more

These Times

The past few weeks have been intense. We continue to face the challenge of addressing mental health and well-being, while coping now with a national landscape that has increasingly normalized racist and biased rhetoric and behavior. We at the Icahn School of Medicine... read more

Update on the Wellness Task Force

Earlier this week the Dean’s Task Force on the Learning Environment met so that each of the three working groups could provide an update on progress they’ve made to date. We want to acknowledge the enormous investment of time and energy that all members of these... read more


In response to Dr. Tamika Cross’s encounter with bias and discrimination while aboard a Delta flight on October 9, over the past couple of weeks, we created a declaration to share solidarity with Dr. Cross and to acknowledge #WhatDoctorsLookLike. Our statement is now... read more

Reverse Trick-Or-Treating

On Monday, October 31, medically cleared children from the pediatric units were invited to enjoy a Halloween party in the Kravis Children’s Hospital’s KidZone. For those patients who could not leave their rooms to attend the party, Medical Education staff and students... read more

Wellness Task Force in Full Effect

On Friday, October 7, we held the first meeting of the Dean’s Task Force on the Learning Environment: Enhancing Well-Being and Changing Culture. The task force will address three important topics: mental health, well-being, and academic culture change at the Icahn... read more

Wellness Includes Equity

As you know, a task force has been formed to explore wellness in our community and to reflect on the adequacy of well-being resources and mental health support for our trainees. Directly impacting wellness in our learners is the larger community and country that we... read more

Introducing a Task Force on Wellness

This past year, our community has experienced a number of tragedies that have led us to reflect on the adequacy of well-being resources and mental health support for our trainees. We are forming a Dean’s Task Force to address these issues and have attached the Task... read more

Top Picks—A Suggested Reading List

We would like to share a reading list that we believe can increase awareness and a different level of understanding of racism and bias. We are also interested in hearing from you. If you have suggestions of additional text, please feel free to send them our way. The... read more


Christian Pean is a fourth-year medical student here at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. As many of you know, Christian’s brother Alan was shot this past August in a hospital while attempting to get treatment. Thankfully Alan survived and is able... read more