National Day of Racial Healing

Healing the wounds of racism one conversation at a time.

The Apothecary x SNMA

SNMA partners with The Apothecary for a special edition issue centered on uplifting Black voices.

United in Solidarity

Creating an anti-racist culture together.

Chats for Change

Activities and conversations that spark change.

On the Pulse: A Curricular Sphere Update

The Curricular Affairs Sphere aims to promote personal growth in antiracist knowledge and skills among course and clerkship directors. We developed this change target in partnership with students and faculty.  The first steps included conducting focus...

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A Place for Anti-Racism in Crisis Response

During the Special Edition Chats for Change on Tuesday, April 21, seventeen staff, students and faculty from across the health system and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (shout out to Mount Sinai Queens and the Corporate Offices) began to...

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Racism in the Time of COVID

COVID-19 is not an excuse to be racist. On Friday, April 10, the Racism and Bias Initiative launched its Chats for Change in the Time of COVID-19, a special-edition virtual series of discussions to reflect on the roles of racism and privilege in the time...

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We’re All In—Are You?

The RBI resource team is energized by the level of interest and commitment to undoing racism and bias in medical education and beyond. We started this academic year with a pledge party because we know that systemic change requires individuals to change....

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Your Guide through RBI

We heard you loud and clear: you needed help navigating all of the Racism and Bias Initiative's offerings. Due to the resounding feedback and requests from students, faculty, and staff, we are proud to introduce an infographic to help you navigate your way...

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Now Introducing the Team Learning Lab

The Racism and Bias Initiative (RBI) was launched to explicitly address and undo racism in all areas of the medical school. Although we have change targets specific to all of the functional areas of the school (focusing on targeted groups or key...

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The Documents Are In.

Today, the Department of Medical Education submitted a cohesive 600-page document—the Survey Package—to the LCME. The LCME (Liaison Committee on Medical Education) is the accrediting body for medical schools nationwide, and 2019 is our year to undergo the...

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LCME Site Visit: What You Need to Know

On June 13, the Department of Medical Education hosted an informational session about LCME and the accreditation process. During the session, David Muller, MD outlined key terminology, important dates, and expectations for our upcoming site visit. View the...

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Becoming a Change Maker: Syed Haider

Syed Haider bears many identities: graduating medical student, Student Council President, Pakistani, Muslim, leader, and change maker. Since the beginning of his medical career at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Syed has been an advocate for social justice and human rights and has been intentional about his efforts. We sat down with Syed to get his perspective and advice on becoming a change maker.

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